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Lou, thank you and Tina again for a great event last night.  You both added great value to the experience.  I look forward to finding more opportunities to work together again!

-Cory Fowkes


Lou has guided our team to the NJCAA Division III National Championship, has coached 7 All-American golfers. More important than his abilities in coaching golf, Lou has provide excellent leadership and direction to the program. he has always set a positive example for our players. He is an excellent teacher. He definitely understands the principles of learning and teaching.

-Dr. Ralph Miller, Athletic Director,  College of DuPage

I can’t tell you how much your very special approach teaching the game has meant to me. I have gained far more from your unique approach to teaching than I have ever done before.

-Donna Haynes (an angel in disguise)

Lou, Thank you for speaking at the Henry/Griffitts 2007 Super School, Henry/Griffitts is very fortunate to have you as part of it’s family.

-Vanessa Newton


Lou’s use of Zenolink and Biotonix has really pinpointed what I need to work on to be able to make a great swing. These technologies and Lou’s expert advice have enabled me to improve my golf swing and the subsequent improved biomechanics have virtually eliminated my golf related back pain.

-Jim Coaker, Aurora Country Club

Your kindness to Ross . . . and to me, really touched me. I know you went out of your way for Ross, and I know you didn’t have to. I’ve just been thinking about it from time to time over the past few days. And when we (Max, Ross, and Chuck Gering) played yesterday, it was one of those “coming together” of generations that was really quite something. And it isn’t lost on me that golf is one of the few games (maybe the only game) that we all play together – men & women, older & younger. Really, really fun. And you’ve done a great, great deal for me in my life to make that all happen. And I’m genuinely grateful for it. All of it. There’s nothing better than playing with your kid, unless maybe playing with your now 21-year old kid who still wants to play with his dad, and a girl that your kid is crazy about, and then add in your not-quite-15-year-old nephew who idolizes his older cousin . . . and grins like a cat who just ate a canary when he crushes a ball off the tee or when he makes a 15 footer like he actually knew what he was doing. It’s all quite something. Yesterday was a lot of fun. Max shot a 77 from the gold tees (one up from the back).
Thank you.

 –Myles Berman

Lou!!!!!!!!  I had the best game ever the first time I went out yesterday!  My drives were incredible.  My short game was better.  My “in the middle” game – not so great.  But, there is always room for improvement.   Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for me in 2 lessons!  I told the girls that next week I would be wearing an “I love Lou” t-shirt!

-Margie Heffinger

You were wonderful! I really appreciate the time and dedication you gave our team with GolfPsych. Your knowledge & insight will give our team a competitive edge in the coming years. Keep up the great work.

-Ted Vickerman

Head Golf Coach, Augsburg College

Dear Lou

Just wanted to Thank You for your excellent explanation and presentation of Zenolink at the Henry/Griffitts Super School. You did a geat job and it’s a phenominal tool. I loved the drills you demo’d on the range and can’t wait to try ut the braided rope & impact bag.

-Cindy Jones

Wisconsin PGA – LPGA

We are in awe of the energy and empathy Lou brings to his work. He will extend himself to be the very best teacher, to expand his understanding and capabilities of any aspect that can help his students to perform in golf and in life. He does not limit himself to teaching the golf swing, which he is very good at. Lou Solarte is the model for the future of PGA teaching professionals

-Jon Stabler & Deborah Graham


Golf is so much fun when you feel like you are improving and have confidence in the things you are working on. I actually enjoy the practice almost as much as the actual playing.

-Malcom Tripp

I meant to tell you that about 2 weeks after you left, I fired a 75 on the Clive (white tees). Since I had never broken 80, you can bet I was elated.  It never would have happened without your fine instruction.  (Predictably, I did not fare as well on my next round, ballooning big time to a 94.  I’ll take sole credit for that fiasco!)  I notched my handicap down to 9.9 until I got back to Los Angeles Country Club where the North Course has confirmed my strong suspicion that the Clive slope is way too high.  But my swing is better and I am getting better contact for sure, at least on the good days.

-Jim Hamilton

the work you’re doing with 3D Biomechanics is fascinating, I’m looking forward to doing the drills you showed me and receiving the drills video.

-Steve Koncz

Canadian PGA

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