Lou is proud to offer online coaching, training and video analysis on Skillest.

What is it?


Skillest is a great tool to improve your game. With video feeds, tips and access to one-on-one lessons and 24 x 7 swing support.

How Does It Work?

All you do is simply download the skillest app. Find Lou and select him as your coach. Once you choose Lou as your coach you can either connect with him through the messenger in his profile or get things underway by sending him swings straight away. 

Plans & Packages

Single Lesson Package – $95.00

  • Single online lesson
  • I record an analysis along side a swing model to help identify what we are going to develop.
  • Customized videos of myself explaining “how” we will change your pattern and pattern.
  • Personalized drills catered for you.
  • I record in depth-analysis explaining the “why” of what happens in your golf swing.

2x Lesson Package – $175

  • One-time payment.
  • I record an in-depth analysis explaining to you the “why” what happens in your swing.
  • I record an analysis along side a swing model to help identify what we are going to improve.
  • Customized videos of myself explaining the “how” we are going to change your pattern and practice.
  •  Personalized drills specifically for you.

Bronze Unlimited Monthly Plan – $200

  • Reoccurring billing, cancel anytime.
  • Unused lessons do not carry over to the next month’s period.
  • Unlimited text support through the message of the skillest app.
  • Access to Draw More Circles Discount code, a stat collection app. As your coach, I can access all your scoring and practice data.


Silver Monthly Plan – $275

  • Reoccurring billing,  cancel anytime.
  • I have extensive experience providing thousands of online lessons, and the monthly unlimited lesson plan is the most effective way to improve your skills. My approach involves identifying the root cause of issues with your ball, striking and highlighting your strengths. We will work collaboritively as a team to help you reach your goals and elevate your game. My lessons are directed to your individual needs and preferences, and sometimes, a simple check-in can be as valuable as a more in-depth session. Let’s work together to ensure you’re always on track and progressing.
  • Unlimited support. Subscribers are treated as a priority and returned ASAP.
  • I’ll ensure that you always clearly understand the blueprint, which will keep us aligned and focused on achieving your end goal. Although the outcome of the ball flight might vary, the root problem remains consistent daily – namely, that your swing produces inconsistent shots. However, by working together and focusing on the blueprint, we can create a more consistent swing and achieve the desired outcome.
  • Fundementals are crucial to success for everyone, from the tour professional to the recreational golfer. I prioritize them in my teaching approach. We will build a training plan catered to you and your schedule: block work, skill work, and performance work.
  • Customized drills explicitly catered to you.

Gold Unlimited Monthly Plan – $325

  • Reoccurring billing, cancel anytime.
  • 1x Zoom call where we can talk technique, game management, mental side, or even a live lesson.
  • This is the same lesson as the silver unlimited monthly lesson plan, and includes a Zoom call.
  • Join our active 24/7 community chat, where we host live sessions every other week, featuring a golf physiotherapist, mental coach, short game specialist and many other experts.

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