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Gravity Fit

The Gravity Fit program specializes in Deep Muscle Activation, Training, and Performance.

When your deep muscle system is strong, especially your Core, your body has more power, agility, balance, and better all-round stability and posture.

However, the stresses of modern life and many types of exercise can actually weaken these deep muscles. Based on over 30 years of research, the GravityFit TPro and the GravityFit GSuit are revolutionary exercise and rehabilitation tools that strengthen the deep muscles you need to live, heal, and perform at your peak.

In use by Tour players, club players, coaches and trainers around the world, the GravityFit TPro provides unparalleled feedback on correct position, posture, and movement in your golf swing.

Golf Fitness X – GFX

With the Golf Fitness X program, it is possible to gain up to 20% more swing speed Instantly using the Orange Whip LightSpeed training tool.

This training tool is more than over speed training in that it offers these amazing benefits:

  • More flexible than other golf swing speed trainers to enhance lag and load of the golf club
  • Smaller orange ball and lighter weight lets you see and hear your swing speed and sequence improving
  • Improves swing plane while increasing swing speed
  • Increases swing speed instantly with control
  • Pairs with GFX streamable drills, workouts, and speed training programs
  • Feel your swing speed increase with the patented Orange Whip counterweighted, flexible shaft system

Mach 3 Speed Training


With the MACH III Speed training, there are key concepts that are considered among the best ways to train for speed. These concepts are called, “Speed Out in Front.”

Speed Out in Front is using dynamic, oscillating, variable resistance and it is proven to enhance golf performance.

When you make the connection between ‘fatigue management’ and optimal results…..

Discover why golfers of all ages can use the same workout protocol to gain clubhead speed.

  • Promotes equal participation of men, women, and children.
  • Is applicable to golfers of all ages and playing abilities.
  • Is based on workouts that are fun, non-exhausting, safe, and athletic in nature.
  • Can be held indoors or outdoors.
  • Gives golfers a way to train for golf without “bulking up” and using natural golf body motions.
  • Speed out front.
  • The finish is the strongest part of the swing.
  • The intention of creating speed out in the front will create your technique.
  • We are not technical. We are searching not for perfect movements, but functional speed.
  • Training is training; playing is playing. When you play… PLAY. You’ve already trained.

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