Mach 3 Golf Speed Training Clinic

At White Eagle Golf Course

How Does It Work?

Discover the best golf speed training and mobility/stability/strength protocols. Mach 3 is the revolutionary golf speed training program that has produced an average gain in driver club- head speed of 11.5 mph. Mach 3 is adaptable to any age group and any level of golfer. This workshop is 100% interactive. Dress comfortably and bring your driver! Were going to help you understand how to create a higher gearof clubhead speed. Learn to train dynamically, yet safely and effectively for more speed, greater golf strength, and more distance. Well show you how to train with all 5 tools in our Essential Kit, plus youll experience the strength and fitness benefits of our 6tool Progression Kit. Our tools are uniquethere is nothing else like them in the world of golf!


$395 Note: Training tools will be available for purchase at discounted prices. 


White Eagle GC, 3400 Club Dr., Naperville IL 60564
Meet at the Pro Shop 30 minutes before your workshop begins.


Mach 3 Creator, Mike Romatowski and Mach 3 Training Director, Jeff Young


Well assemble and show you our unique warmup routinea golf warmup drawn straight from the world of Martial Arts! Then well speed check you to get a baseline for your current driver clubhead speed. After introducing our concept of Speed Out in Frontand letting you practice it with some great training tools, well measure your speed again to see if you can start developing a higher gearof swing speed. Finally, well show you our array of unique training tools that can help you get in the best golf shape of your life!


Mach 3 Golf Speed Training Clinic

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